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      I. 完形填空 A、B、C三個選項中選出一個最佳答案。(20) me.   1  I’ve been crazy about bungee jumping (). The guide led me through a gate, asked me to sit in a special seat and tied my   6  and ankles () of the bridge and looked back. The workers looked at me and couldn’t help laughing. At last it was time to go. So I jumped as   8  forward as I could.
           At that moment my memory seemed to stop. I felt   9  going up, like riding a fast lift, and then another drop and… Finally, I stopped in the air. I spread my arms wide, laughing loudly and   10 . The workers pulled me up, smiling at me.
      (      )1. A. But                     B. Or                  C. So
      (      )2. A. task                     B. sport                  C. subject
      (      )3. A. magazine              B. newspaper           C. website
      (      )4. A. walked               B. ran                     C. drove
      (      )5. A. put out              B. put on                  C. put off
      (      )6. A. legs                  B. ears                    C. eyes
      (      )7. A. tied                  B. divided                 C. spread
      (      )8. A. close                 B. far                  C. short
      (      )9. A. themselves              B. himself              C. myself
      (      )10. A. sadly                B. angrily                 C. proudly    
      Most of us have three meals a day. We take food for granted. And we don’t think about it.   1 experts argue a food crisis () than grains ( 
      Once a small boy lived on a farm, which seemed so far away from everywhere.
      He needed to get up before sunrise every morning to help his father on the farm. During sunrise he would take a break and climb up on the fence(籬笆) along the side of the farm. He could see a house with golden windows. “If they could afford golden windows, then there must be other nice things inside the house.” He imagined how great it would be to live there. Then he promised himself, “Some day I will go there and see this wonderful place.”
      One morning, his father would go to the town and told him to stay at home for a rest. Knowing that this was his chance, he took a sandwich and headed across the field towards the house with the golden windows.
      As the afternoon went on, he began to realize how wrong he was. The house was much farther than he had expected. As he went near the house, he saw no golden windows but instead a place in bad need of painting. A small girl very close to his age came out of the poor house and stood by the broken fence. He asked her if she had seen the house with the golden windows.
      The girl said, “Sure, I know.” and invited him to sit on the porch(門廊). As he sat there, he looked back from where he just came. There he saw the sunset(夕陽) turned the windows of his house to gold! Now he understood that everyone had his own house with golden windows.
      (   )1. During his break every morning, the small boy would ______.
                A. fix the fence 
      B. climb up on the fence
                C. eat sandwiches            
      (   )2. One morning, when knowing he would stay
      alone, the boy thought it was a chance for him to______.          
                A. go to the town                
      B. play on the field
                C. go to see the house
      (   )3. What did the boy find when he got there?
                A. No golden windows were in the house.
              B. The house was as old as he expected.
                C. Nobody lived in the poor house.
      (   )4. The story tells us that people sometimes may have the thought ______.
              A. Like father, like son   
      B. Love me, love my dog   
               C. The grass is greener somewhere else
      (   )5. Which is the best title for the passage?
              A. Golden Windows   B. A Wonderful Place     C. Father and Son    
      Have you ever heard of e-waste (). The value of the metals, like gold and silver in the waste around the world, is amazing. And the metals can be reused. But if people throw them away, the toxic chemicals () e-waste, we can also take computers and phones to see if companies offer recycling programs.
      (   ) 1. The following can become e-waste EXCEPT________.
      A. computers               B. mobile phones                C. plastic bags
      (   ) 2. Which country produced most e-waste last year according to the United Nations?
      A. America.           B. China.                    C. Japan.
      (   ) 3. What does the underlined word affecting mean in this passage?
         A.                               C.
      (   ) 4. From Paragraph 4, we learn that_____.
             A. the recycle Apple products will be sold at higher prices.
             B. buying longer lasting electronic products is a good way to reduce e-waste.
             C. it’s better to keep the unwanted electronics in your bedroom.
      (   ) 5. The main purpose of this passage is to_____.
             A. prove that e-waste is useless.
             B. encourage people to buy more electronic products.
             C. advise people to deal with e-waste properly to reduce pollution.
      III. 圖表閱讀 B(20Dance Summer Camp 2015
      Tango, Ballet, Jazz
      July 13-19
      For ages 6-16
      over 100 foreign newspapers and magazines
      Entrance Free
      Monday-Friday 8:30 am-6:30 pm
      Sky House, Museum Street
              ) time of the Dance Summer Camp for a 15-year-old boy is_______.
             A. 9:00 am, June 27        B. 8:00 am, July 13                    C. 9:00 am, July 19  
      (   ) 2. A kid who is good at ______will more possibly get a good job in the future.
             A. working in groups   B. reading and writing books  C. communicating with others 
      (   ) 3. In the International Library, people can read  
      or enjoy the things EXCEPT_______.
             A. foreign magazines     B. concerts                         C. books                  
      (   ) 4. Mrs. Li will take her 5-year-old twin daughters to see the movie Furious 7 (3D). They will pay _______for the tickets.
      A. 30                         C. 21
      Garden Tour & Cooking Class             
      909 North Cumbre Road. Santa Barara, CA   Saturday, October 24, 2015. 9:30am-1:00pm 
      Cook with Suzzane  
      Traditionally, American Indians’ dishes were made with corn, beans, potatoes and pumpkin. Take a tour around Trinity Garden, pick some of these foods and returns in the kitchen. There you can watch Suzzane prepare delicious dishes with them. It is surely a new experience! Suzzane will make an introduction of three traditional foods and tell you what they meant to the American Indians hundreds of years ago. At the same time, you can learn how to cook with these autumn harvest ($35 per person, including printed recipes, the four dishes above and a book by Suzzane. Children under 8 can come for free. 
      (20). School is a good place for students to study. Yet sometimes, it is easy to have accidents there.
      A survey suggests that right safety training could prevent 80 percent of these accidents. In China, fire drills at school are common to teach students to deal with emergencies().
      Most US school buildings have fire escapes on each floor. A fire escape has platforms with stairs and ladders. They are usually made of iron. Students can get to the fire escape through a fire exit door or a window.
      In many middle schools in the UK, students can choose to take a bicycle course. There, they learn how to ride to school safely. Also, on roads without traffic lights near schools, there are crossing guards. They wear bright color clothes and stop cars to guide children across the road safely.
      1. Did a fire really happen in Tanghu Middle School?
      2. How often are earthquake drills held in public primary schools in Japan?
      3. How do the students get to the fire escape in the US?
      4. Who helps to guide children across the road safely in the UK?
      5. How many countries are mentioned in the article?
      Smog (emissions (10) change them. For example, Jule may become July. Some people may have a bad impression on an unusual name 8.______they even meet the person. 9.______of all, other children sometimes don
          Reduce It!
          When you use less of something, you do for the Earth. For example, a shorter shower means you use 3._______water and less fuel (5 ABCCB10 AABCC
      B. 1~5 BACCC        6~10 BAACB
      II. A. 15 CABBC
      III. A. 15 CBACA
      IV. A. 1. No (, it didn’t).      2. Once a month.     3. Through a fire exit door or a window.
      4. Crossing guards.     5. Four. / 4.
      B. 1. It lasted for about a week. / For about a week.   2. By walking or riding to work.   
      3. Because Beijing is heavily polluted.
      4. It was held in November last year. / In November last year.
      5. To cut down CO2 emissions.
      V. A. 1. notice       2. names       3. given     4. Also      5. better
      6. However     7. And         8. before    9. Worst     10. twice
      B. 1. color       2. without     3. less      4. because   5. longer
      6. toys        7. pick        8. which    9. true     10. visiting

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